Precision repairs with a commitment to Quality.

At United, we help you overcome the obstacles in repairing old and new equipment by employing master craftsmen, machinists, welders, mechanics and fabricators who make the impossible appear mundane and routine. Many operating industries hold on to the “Oldy but Goody”… That aging equipment we have come to love through years of reliable service, but years of service take a toll. When reliability slides and parts are more than hard to find, you consider replacement, but nothing else is affordable, or right. All too often, production hinges on that one thing, and that’s where we come in… You call us, and we’ll come pick it up. We’ll find the parts you need, or we’ll make them ourselves, and when we bring it back, it’s ready for service, and our commitment to you serves with it.


These words may be commonly overstated and over-used, but here at United we apply ourselves to get it done right every time. We believe repairs done right last longer, build trust and ensure reliability… And that’s what “Right” looks like around here.


Pumps, motors, gear-reduction units, hydraulic/ pneumatic cylinders, valves, and mixers. We want your business!