We have the unique ability to service, repair, rewind and sell new AC and DC motors. We can service 1/3hp – 5000hp, single or three phase, and/or 208-230V – 4160V.

We are UL® Certified and an EASA repair facility with full access to OEM specifications. Every motor we touch is repaired to, or beyond, OEM specifications.

In Stock:

  • Over 400 industrial T-Frame motors from 1/3hp – 450hp
  • 1900 mining motors (on exchange)
  • Rebuilt motors ranging from 10hp – 2500hp


Since 1985, we have rebuilt and repaired cylinders of all sizes, types, makes, and models.

We are proud of:

  • Our ability to swing 42” through 32’ cylinders
  • Locally sourcing materials or using products made in the USA
  • Offering core-exchange cylinders for the mining and refuse industries


We offer gearbox and heavy mechanical rebuilds regardless of application or industry. We understand that these pieces are the most important on the line. That is why we

  • carefully disassemble,
  • inspect/assess gears and bearings to identify breaks,
  • analyze the cause, and
  • perform a quality rebuild of your box.


We have long realized the importance of air efficiency. We are partnered with several OEM AODD pump manufacturers, so we are a trusted rebuild and assembly facility.

We offer rebuilds on AODDs, but if the pump is beyond repair, we have an extensive inventory and a trade-up program that saves our customers money and minimizes downtime.

In Stock:

  • 1” discharge – 4” discharge pumps

Progressive Cavity Pumps (PC Pumps)

From PC Pumps that fit in the palm of your hand to multi-stage large PC pumps, we can repair any of them.

We are a comprehensive shop for close-coupled PC pump repairs. We can start from one end and completely rebuild the entire unit. We have the expertise to:

  • Perform the motor rewind,
  • Replace gearing in the reduction unit, and
  • Replace the rotor and stator.

Submersible, Dewatering, Wastewater, and Electric Pumps

We can repair any manufacture of pump in almost every style made for any industry. Some of our popular repairs include:

  • Mining submersible dewatering pumps
  • Multi-stage stack pumps
  • Electric hydraulic pumps

We are proud of:

  • Our lead technician who has over 45 years of experience
  • Flexibility and knowledge to be able to repair almost any pump in existence