At United, we are proud of our facilities and our people. We have state-of-the-art testing equipment, the newest machinery for turning metals, and eco-friendly equipment to make a lighter footprint on the planet. Our employees are customer-centered and skilled in their crafts with many, many years of experience.

Through lean manufacturing and continuous process improvement, our technicians can apply their skills more effectively, achieving quality results in less time.

Electric Motor/Pump Shop Abilities

  • Resistance Testing Equipment
  • Growl Testing
  • Surge-testing with Automatic-Live
  • Core-Loss Tester with Thermography
  • Dynamic Balancing with Live Reporting
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Climate-Controlled AC/DC Winding Room
  • Dynamometer 2,000 hp>
  • Energizing Stations 4160v
  • Frequency Converter 5hz – 110hz
  • Water-Welder
  • 5ft VPI
  • Smart Burn-off Ovens
  • Smart-Bake Ovens
  • Re-Insulation Dip Tank
  • New Wind-Dip Tank
  • Submersible Pump Test Station with Simulation Loads and Live Reporting

Machine Shop Abilities

02 OUR ABILITIES Machine Shop (2nd Pic)
  • CNC Automatic Milling Machine
  • CNC Automatic Lathes
  • 42x240 Conventional Engine Lathe
  • 6ft Horizontal Boring Mill
  • Automatic Sandblast Cabinet
  • Vertical Boring Mills
  • Key Broach Machine
  • Conventional Engine Lathes Ranging from 21-32x120
  • Welding Shop with 6000lb positioner
  • Drill Presses
  • Automatic Parts Washer

Facility Abilities

  • 10T Overhead Cranes
  • 26,000lb Forklifts
  • 5 Warehouses for storage and inventory
  • Engineering Blueprinting
  • 24/7 Delivery Service
  • 26,000lb Rated Trucks
  • Boom Trucks
  • 16,000lb Rated Trailers
02 OUR ABILITIES Employee Abilities (last Pic Before Location)

Our Employees’ Abilities

  • Mixture of master craftsmen, machinists, welders, mechanics, and fabricators
  • Centuries of combined experience amongst all employees
  • Lead Technician for pumps has over 45 years of experience
  • Several hydraulic machinists have over 40+ years of experience
  • Dedicated delivery drivers available 24/7
  • Sales force presenting weekly from Maryland to Alabama, west to Missouri and everywhere in between

At United, we believe our employees are our most important asset. Our employees all exhibit three important characteristics:

  • Highly skilled in their crafts
  • Customer-centered mindsets
  • Futuristic thinkers

They are the reason for our continued success. We take pride in their accolades and appreciate their service!

Three Locations

At United, we have strategically opened facilities that allow us to serve our customers in the quickest, most efficient ways.

Our Rich Creek location is our main facility. It houses most of our employees and serves most of our customers. You may always reach out to the Rich Creek facility with any questions.

Rich Creek, VA

Physical Address:
101 Spruce Street
Rich Creek, VA 24147

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box D
Rich Creek, VA 24147


United Rich Creek

Covington, VA

Physical Address:
901 W. Edgemont Drive
Covington, VA 24426



Evansville, IN

Physical Address:
5601 Old Booneville Hwy
Evansville, IN 47715